404 Day 2024 - SP404MKii Firmware Update

404 Day 2024 - SP404MKii Firmware Update

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On the 4th of April every year beatmakers around the world come together to celebrate the mighty SP404 from Roland. The portable sampler has gained a cult following over the last 20 years, renowned for its unrivaled sound character and extensive list of infamous users from Madlib, J Dilla and Nujabes to James Blake and Flying Lotus.

To celebrate 404 day 2024 the team over at Roland have dropped a huge update for the device which introduces a load of new features to the unit. Highlights from the update include some notorious features from previous Roland devices which can now be utilized on the 404. The update sees the arrival of SP-555 like looping features and a variphrase groove adjustment like the one first found on the VP-9000. The update has also added an internal tone generator (yes, the SP404 now has a synth in it!) which boasts 15 different wave shapes, perfect for adding basslines to your jams without having to record them from an external instrument or sample them in. Another handy feature of the update is the multi-pad bouncing function, perfect for users who like to sketch ideas on the SP and finish them in a DAW as well as newly added integration with the popular mobile sampling app, Koala. 

The MK2 model has already received huge amounts of love from the devoted SP user community and these newly added features along with the seemingly ongoing support from Roland further cement the SP404 MK2 as a go to piece of kit for many. 

Arigato Roland and Happy 404 Day!!!

Here's a full list of the updates for the 4.04 firmware:

Additional Functions / Functionality Improvements

  • Added "LOOPER" for overlapping samples.
  • Added "GROOVE" to add rhythmic characteristics to samples.
  • Added "MULTIPAD EXPORT" which converts phrases recorded in patterns into audio for each Pad.
  • Added the ability to bounce Pattern Chains (convert them to samples).
  • "Koala Sampler" can now be operated from SP-404MK2.
  • Added "SOUND GENERATOR" to create bass sounds etc.
  • Added "MICROSCOPE" to edit patterns note by note in TR-REC.
  • A Tap Recording function has been added to TR-REC.
  • Added "SAMPLE MERGE" to combine multiple samples into one sample.
  • A function has been added to set the number of measures to sample when Sampling/Resampling.
  • A level meter is now displayed when Sampling/Resampling.
  • When Sampling/Resampling, it is now possible to control using external MIDI start/stop commands.
  • Added "RENAME" to edit sample and project file names using SP-404MK2 main unit operations.
  • Added "IMPORT PROJECT (SP-404SX)" to import SP-404SX / SP-404A projects.
  • Added the ability to directly load Project files saved on the SD Card.
  • Added the ability to import samples saved on the SD Card in DJ mode.
  • Increased the number of scale types in Chromatic Mode.
  • Added the ability to record ROLL in Patterns.
  • Increased the number of roll interval types for sample playback.
  • Added "DJFX Delay".
  • When swapping BUS 1 / BUS 2 effects, the effect parameter values are now retained.
  • Added "Pad Color <SAMPLE>" to set the pad lighting color for each sample.
  • Pads to which no samples have been set (Blank Pads) will no longer light up when the screen saver is displayed.
  • Added a function to forcibly mute when samples from other banks are played.
  • Other minor feature additions/improvements have been made.