MPC STEMS Announced

MPC STEMS Announced

Taking the art of sampling to the next level, MPC STEMS is now available...

After much teasing across the online MPC community, Akai Professional has announced the availability of the highly anticipated STEMS functionality for the entire range of MPC products.

Powered by technology from Z-Plane, with MPC Stems, users are empowered with a new tool to push the limits of musical creativity even further.

With unrivalled sound quality, MPC Stems provide premium stem separation capability to the MPC platform. Beatmakers can seamlessly extract bass, drum, vocal, and music elements from any sample or vinyl record with the press of a button.

If you're already an owner of an MPC-X(SE), MPC LIVE II (and the original LIVE), MPC ONE+ (and original MPC-ONE), MPC KEY 61, MPC Studio and the recently released MPC KEY 37 (where the eagle eyed community would first see the STEMS features on screen) then you can update your MPC 2 desktop software to take advantage of this powerful new tool. MPC Stems requires MPC 2 Desktop Software running 2.14 or higher and controller mode to unlock the power of MPC STEMS.

If you're yet to experience the creative freedom that is powered by the latest generation of MPC products, drop into either of our Central or Northwest London branches for a demo.