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Review: Kanto Ora Speakers

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The Kanto Ora, a modern and innovative speaker creating crisp, silky waves in the compact speaker world.

Kanto’s mission with the Ora was simple, with the focus on creating reference quality speakers in a compact package… it's safe to say they really hit the nail on the head with this product. The compact cabinets each house a three-inch woofer boasting warm and smooth mids, accompanied by a tight and controlled low end with the capability to wrap a medium size room with a welcoming embrace of sound, not to mention the silk dome tweeters that bring these speakers their astonishing clarity.

The Kanto Ora’s can do it all, from Gaming, Film and TV, casual listening through to Music Production and home DJing. Connectivity is bolstered with the inclusion of Bluetooth capability, and then there's the USB C input for your computer tablet or phone, as well as RCA inputs for any of your hardware gear such as turntables or DJ controllers. Somehow, they've even managed to squeeze in a sub out crossover, adding the ability to connect your Kanto sub, allowing the Ora’s to do what do best and deliver delicate, yet resilient, low-mid high-mid and high-end frequency range.

Kanto Ora Speakers On Test In Our Studio

The Kanto Ora passed our sound test with flying colours. In a medium sized room on a solid desk, the Ora’s delivered impressive low end considering the footprint and driver size. In addition, the thick yet bright mids and smooth high-end pushed out by the tweeters created a clarity from all angles forming an ensemble of calculated noise.

Speakers with such a diminutive size normally suffer with perceived body and weight, yet the Ora units we listened to extensively had no tin-like or thin characteristics which can be commonly noticeable in speakers of this size. We also noticed no distortion, even on full volume and playing very bass heavy music.

Impressively, there was no loss of clarity on either side profile, moving outside the eyeline of the speakers the stereo image stays relatively well placed which again for speakers this size is very pleasing.

If you are looking for a conveniently sized speaker without losing the fidelity of sound, together with the clarity that a larger speaker might have , then these speakers will be perfect for you. 

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