Rokit Studio Monitors by KRK

Rokit Studio Monitors by KRK

The KRK Rokit studio monitors are generally regarded as being some of the best studio monitors available and they've just been improved with the new Rokit G4 range.

Rokit 5 G4, Rokit 7 G4, Rokit 8 G4 and Rokit 103 G4 now have improved tweeters and room correction that can be adjusted with the help of their new app. KRK studio monitors are a popular choice with recording artists and producers for mastering and mixing, more recently though the Rokit series are becoming more popular with DJs as well for home monitoring.

The Rokit G3 monitors all two amplifiers optimised to work with the fitted woofer and tweeter. Also the front bass port allows for better flexibility with positioning and reduces diffraction.

All the Rokit monitors have RCA, TRS (jack) and XLR connections as well as separate level control for the high and low frequency drivers as well as overall volume control.

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