Back2Back DJ Battle - June 22nd 2024

Back2Back DJ Battle - June 22nd 2024

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Our friends Faded Society and Venxm Music return to London with another Back 2 Back DJ Battle, and you could enter for your chance to win!

The concept is simple, battle it out over a series of rounds to be crowned the winner - sounds easy right? Well there's a twist, during the first two rounds of the competition you'll have 5 minutes to get the crowd pumping to your set. Did we mention that it must match a randomly selected theme? The aim, rally  the crowd to cheer louder for you than your opponent - the dancefloor determines the winner. It's time to make them party hard!

To ensure that the judging remains fair, there will be a panel of expert commentators to provide feedback with guests such as Riot Noise and an official DJ tutor who is an expert in their field. The final two DJs standing will showdown in a 15-minute battle of pure Back 2 Back transitions, determining who will be crowned champion.

The tournament kicks off with 8 contenders, after some serious battles only one DJ will emerge victorious. There's some great prizes available including vouchers to spend on DJ kit with us here at Westend DJ.

To enter, visit the Faded Society website.

If you'd rather judge from the dancefloor at Sui Generis, Dalston on June 22nd, tickets are available over at Resident Advisor.