Portablist Lounge - Battle For Free Passage

Portablist Lounge - Battle For Free Passage

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It's that time of year again, as we head towards the Portablist Lounge finals in London on the 7th and 8th of September!

The Battle For Free Passage is all about representing one of three regions to progress to the World Finals in London and travel for free!

The ‘Regions’ are split up into 3 areas - Left Earth (Americas), Middle Earth (Europe/Middle East) & Right Earth (Asia).

After choosing a region to represent, there are 3 Stages for competitors to negotiate.

  • Stage 1 - Join The Fellowship
  • Stage 2 - Kutters Mountain
  • Stage 3 - The Last Stand

The top half of each ‘Region’ will progress to the next stage. Depending on the amount of entries, the judges will decide how many progress onto the last stage.

The winner of the final stage of each region, gains free travel and 3 nights accommodation for Portablist Lounge, held (as usual) at BEATGEEK in London, UK.

Head over to the Portablist Lounge website this weekend to see stage one unfold on May 11th...