Best Bookshelf DJ Monitors 2024

Best Bookshelf DJ Monitors 2024

Bookshelf DJ monitors are the easiest way for most to invest in a quality set of speakers.
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DJ monitor speakers are an essential part of any DJ’s set up and while most (myself included) dream of huge stacks and subs, they are often far too big and expensive for home/studio systems. Bookshelf DJ monitors are the easiest way for most to invest in a quality set of speakers. Referred to as bookshelf speakers for their compact size which enables them to fit on most shelves/desks. In this rundown we will be going through some of our favourite options for compact speakers in 2024. 

Pioneer DJ DM-40D

The first in our roundup comes from Pioneer DJ. The DM-40D’s are probably the most widely used speaker on our list and for good reason. These 4 inch speakers are designed specifically for small DJ studios/home use and they have sound to live up to it. With a rich bass response and surprisingly loud output for the size. The updated Pioneer DJ DM-40D variant features a redesigned and tuned class D amplifier for extra low end, perfect for DJ’s who need smaller speakers but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality. 

M-Audio BX3

The second speaker in our list is the BX3 from M-Audio. M-Audio have been pumping out solid kit since the late 90’s and these compact BX3’s are no different. The speakers feature a 3.5 inch Kevlar woofer paired with a surprisingly powerful 120w amplifier perfect for live streaming, gaming, creating content, producing, watching movies or just listening to your favourite music. The M-Audio BX3BT are equipped with Bluetooth for extra connectivity which can be handy as part of a home system.  

Hercules Monitor 32

Next up in our roundup is a compact set of DJ monitors from the team at Hercules. The Monitor 32 is a compact DJ monitor featuring a 3 inch driver and a specially designed shifted tweeter for a better representation of the stereo field in your room. Coming in at a slightly smaller size than most other options in our line-up the Hercules Monitor 32 is perfect for DJ’s who are tight on space. 

Yamaha HS3

The Yamaha HS range of monitors needs little introduction. The Yamaha HS3 is the newly released and slightly downsized version of the ever popular HS5, 7’s and 8’s. These monitors have become synonymous with studios around the world who rely on them for their clinically accurate sound reproduction. Now available with a smaller 3 inch driver, the HS3’s are perfect for smaller studios/home use and they now feature Yamahas proprietary “Twisted Flare Port” technology which reduces air turbulence in the bass reflex port for clear and accurate bass. These monitors are surprisingly accurate for their size, perfect in combo with some trusted headphones for mixdowns at the home studio. 

Mackie CR3X

Mackie are somewhat of a house-hold name in the music industry renowned for their range of quality speakers, mixers and other notoriously durable audio equipment. The CR3X is no different, the smallest monitor in their CR range features a 3 inch woofer, perfect for smaller rooms and jamming at home. Despite their size the Mackie CR3-X are a surprisingly punchy speaker with great frequency response and stereo imaging for their price, a solid all rounder.