Best Digital Vinyl Systems 2024

Best Digital Vinyl Systems 2024

We round up the latest gear from our wide range of Digital Vinyl Systems, from DJ Mixers through to Hybrid Turntables.
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The world of DVS DJing can often be confusing. Following the rise of Digital Vinyl Systems in the mid to late 2000’s there are now a huge number of equipment options for selectors looking to explore digital vinyl setups. In this run down we will be covering some of our favourite gear for DVS in 2024. 

The Industry Standard Mixer - Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 

Pioneer DJ have been king of the booth for a number of years so it comes as no surprise that their flagship battle mixer remains the industry standard for scratch mixers too.

Pioneer DJ's heritage with scratch mixers started with the DJM-707 and infamous DJM-909 in 2003. These mixers laid the groundwork for the future of scratch mixers from Pioneer which culminated in the notorious DJM-S9 which had been the battle mixer of choice for many until it was discontinued.

In October 2020 Pioneer DJ announced the next up in their scratch mixer family the flagship DJM-S11 which picks up straight where the S9 left off. The S11 adds a whole host of new features including an updated MAGVEL fader, larger performance pads and a new display. The rock solid build quality, fluid layout and seamless software integration make this an industry standard for a reason. 

New Tech - MWM PHASE Essential

Perhaps the most hyped piece of equipment in our line up, the PHASE Essential has taken the DJ world by storm over the past few years.

For those that are unfamiliar with the PHASE systems, the setup consists of two wireless controllers and a docking station, the controllers use no less than three gyroscopes to detect the rotation of turntables and then convert that information to DVS data for DJ software.

Simply put PHASE enables DJ’s to use a DVS system without the need for cartridges, styli and DVS timecode records - removing the issues often caused by poor turntable maintenance. Their signature product, the PHASE Essential has been hugely popular with DVS users since its release in 2019. MWM have created a completely unique product with the PHASE which makes it the perfect option for DJ’s that are interested in trying the latest DVS technology on offer.

Budget Friendly - Numark Scratch

A household name since the late 90’s, in recent times Numark have become synonymous with budget friendly but solid DJ gear.

The latest offering on the scratch mixer front comes by way of the Numark Scratch, a 2 channel Serato compatible mixer that retails for under £500. Whilst some of the other Serato compatible mixers on the market have a much more extensive feature set, the Numark Scratch is without a doubt one of the most streamlined and easy to use scratch mixers available today.

The mixer has a comprehensive set of controls and whilst it may be missing some of the more advanced features of other mixers on the market (like a built in screen and standalone effects), the Scratch sets itself apart with out of the box simplicity and surprisingly good build quality for the price.   

The Wildcard - Reloop FLUX

At the height of DVS’s popularity in the late 2000’s, breakout boxes were all the rage. These handy little devices enable DJ’s to use any mixers as part of a digital DJ setup.

So understandably, when Denon and Native Instruments discontinued their DVS box offerings they left a huge gap in the market, enter Reloop…

On announcement in early 2023, German manufacturer Reloop caused quite a stir when they unveiled their new product, a Serato DJ compatible breakout box called the FLUX. The FLUX officially sees the return of breakout boxes for Serato and offers a high quality DJ friendly interface as well as a built in USB hub and Serato unlock.

The Reloop FLUX is perfect for DJ’s who want to use their older analog mixers as part of a digital vinyl set up, this will be particularly useful following the influx of boutique mixers arriving back in the booth over the past few years (rotary heads, I’m looking at you!!).  

Curveball - Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12

The newest release in our roundup and without a doubt the curve ball. The Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 lands in a category all of its own. The CRSS12 is an all new hybrid DVS compatible turntable that gives users the best of both worlds, the unit can be used for tone-arm free DVS control via USB all whilst retaining the capability of traditional vinyl playback at the click of a button.

Equipped with 4 MIDI mappable buttons for hot cues, loops and even natively supported STEMS functionality the CRSS12 is fully loaded with fresh technology including an all new MAGVEL clamp which can also be used as a tension adjust on the platter and an all new “step pitch” adjustment feature for creative pitch adjustments on the fly.

The true hybrid design of the CRSS12 makes it perfect for open-format DJ’s, the dual software support from both Serato DJ and Rekordbox make the CRSS12 ideal for a huge range of DJ’s particularly those who like to use both DVS and traditional vinyl during the course of their performances.