Best DJ Headphones 2024 - A Quick Guide

Best DJ Headphones 2024 - A Quick Guide

Check out our guide to the best DJ headphones available in 2024...
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Headphones have been an essential piece of DJ kit since the invention of blending two records together. With so many options on the market it can sometimes be difficult to decide which might be the best option for you. In this guide we will be running through our recommendations for the best DJ headphones available in 2024.  

The Industry Standard - Sennheiser HD25 

Sennheiser’s HD25 needs no introduction. The HD25 has been the standard DJ headphone for over 35 years. Originally released as a broadcast monitoring headphone the HD25 first gained popularity with touring DJs in the 80’s and 90’s thanks in small part to airlines that distributed the HD25’s to passengers to combat noise on British Airways Concorde flights (as the permanent marker pen crew well know). Since then the 25’s have become synonymous with the booth renowned for their exceptional sound quality and ability to handle high volume levels, making them perfect for DJ’s.

An industry standard for a reason. 

Budget Friendly - Pioneer DJ HDJ-Cue1 

The newest release on our list is the Pioneer DJ HDJ-Cue1’s. These budget friendly cans pack a serious punch at a relatively low budget. Coming in at under £60 the Cue1 is the entry level headphone option from Pioneer DJ. Despite the lower price the Cue1’s are a solid pair of headphones capable of performing well in a range of different environments. Built on a similar design to the rest of the Pioneer headphone range, the Cue1’s feature a durable construction, ample isolation for monitoring in loud environments and even have customisation options.

If you’re looking for a set of cans to match your controller at home but don’t want to break the bank these are a no brainer. 

On Trend - AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ  

A relative newcomer to the headphone game, AIAIAI have taken the booth by storm since launching in 2010. The Copenhagen based audio company have made real waves amongst DJ’s over the past 10 years and their TMA-2 DJ headphones are becoming synonymous with forward thinking artists around the world. Their modular design gives users the option to spec their headphones to suit their needs, with a range of different driver options for both DJ and studio use. AIAIAI have paid careful attention to the aesthetics of both their branding and products, their subtle design oozes minimal cool which has no doubt helped their rise in popularity alongside the companies commitment to sustainability.

If you’re looking to try something fresh, look no further.    

The Heavyweight - Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Without doubt the luxury option in our roundup, the HDJ-X10’s are the flagship dj headphones from Pioneer DJ. The X10’s have been designed with no compromises, with a high level, detailed output the over ear design also offers great isolation making them more than capable of performing in any club or festival environment. The build quality of the X10’s is second to none having passed US military testing for durability during their development. Whilst the £299 retail price is significantly more expensive than other options mentioned in our round up, the X10’s definitely feel like the most premium of our recommendations.

For DJ’s who want a little luxury in the booth.