SSL 12 Audio Interface Review

SSL 12 Audio Interface Review

classy, reliable and professional are three words that come to mind when we're asked to describe this audio interface

With its legendary design and contemporary software integration, SSL continues to impress the entry level music production sector with the innovation and consistency across the SSL audio interface range.

The SSL 12 has four labelled analogue input channels with 48v line and HPF buttons on each, four level meters and hardware integrated gain knobs underneath, each channel offering an optional “4K” button for an extra boost in dynamics.

Moving to the right of the interface we have our USB power indication light right above our classic SSL Master level knob, which is intuitive and smooth with a quality sense to it.

To the right of this, SSL have included a “cut” button to be able to mute the master instantly without having to adjust the master knob, an “Alt” button, allowing you to alternate between two sets of speakers allowing a change of reference with no effort at all and a very generous and impressive “talk” button accompanied by a built in mic positioned just above the master knob, this feature allows you to talk to an artist at the touch of a button through their headphones while they may still be in the recording booth.

The front of the SSL you have two well placed TRS instrument inputs for instruments such as a guitar or bass and, rather conveniently, two headphone outputs for you and the musician.

At the back of the SSL 12 you can find your four channel combi inputs as well as your two midi inputs alongside your four outputs for two sets of speakers. Next to your midi inputs, SSL has included an ADAT input to be able to transfer your digital audio to and from other audio hardware devices.

SSL founded in 1969 in Oxfordshire England have become pioneers in the mixing consoles Studio hardware industry and continue to impress us, and now with a reasonably priced and great sounding 32 bit recording entry level 4 channel audio interface, we could not recommend the SSL 12 enough.