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Somebody digging for a hidden gem in crates of vinyl

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Vinyl, the original storage media for sound recordings since 1930, has seen a resurgence in recent years. Seen by some as a collectible item, kept sealed and treasured for its potential resale value. For DJs, it is the source of sounds to move people, creating moments shared on a dance floor that shape the lives and loves of partygoers across the world.

While the digital transformation seemed to have pushed the industry standard Technics SL1200 turntable from the DJ booth. The recent commercial interest in vinyl has reignited its use as the original analogue soul at the source of the audio signal chain for clubland, with vinyl sets becoming commonplace again. Original selectors dig deep into the archives to bring back memories from yesteryear while the new skool players blend classics with fresh cuts to create new vibes.

Here at Westend DJ, we've never stopped loving vinyl. The product selection below offers everything from the latest decks and DJ mixers through to cleaning products and DJ carts and styli.

For The Purists

Rotary Mixers

Some of the earliest commercially available mixers were rotary. Brands such as Bozak and Urei pioneered the ability to mix to tracks using rotary controls. While line faders and cross faders became a regular feature in the DJ booth, the rotary format has remained popular among purists. Check out our rotary DJ mixer round-up below.

Vinyl Accessories

From record cleaners through to slipmats - we have everything to help you get the best from your record collection.